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Photosynth : To See a World in a Grain of Sand…

Transmitted on Jun 22 2007 to Uncategorized

Another tech demo at TED (can you tell I’m addicted?). Normally I won’t be showcasing much in the way of technology for two simple reasons-- one, all of it is subject to change (at dizzying speeds) and I’m not a full-time tech reporter, and two -- for the most part none of it is truly “new” or innovative. Sure, there are smaller devices with larger capacities and the odd interface tweak here and there-- (Windows Vista, I’m looking at you) but only very rarely is there an idea that actually could change our experience.

This is such an idea.

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Evolation is Expanding!

Transmitted on Jun 20 2007 to site news

Evolation Media is growing.

This blog will remain the focal point of the site, but as of today (yesterday, rather), I’ll also be hosting an additional blog under the Evolation moniker. This new development, music{at}evolation, seeks to review the best in contemporary (culturally-unknown) music– tying together my love of music with my other interests. In this way, visitors to Evolation can experience a wider range of culture and ideas. I’m not ruling out a third or even a fourth blog in the future– we’ll see what happens. For now, though, enjoy Music{at}Evolation and its clean, magazine-style look courtesy of the brilliant Gridlock theme!!

As a bonus, I’m working on a really intense CSS design for Evolation– it may take a very long time, but it’ll be worth it :) The new look, which I’ve dubbed Cicatriz, will hopefully be finished by the end of the summer.

How to Turbocharge Your Life in Ten Minutes or Less

Transmitted on Jun 13 2007 to living fully

I’m going to reveal something that might radically change your life.

It may be simple, but it’s absurdly significant. Once I discovered it, I was forced -- literally forced! -- to re-examine everything I did. More to the point, it’s what distinguishes those who do from those who wish. It’s a momentum-booster and boredom cure all in one. And it’ll take less than ten minutes. You can use it a thousand times a day, if you like-- the more you do, the more effective it (and you) will become.

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