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Today, Notice the Small Things

Transmitted on Dec 31 2007 to living fully

Today, notice what goes unnoticed.

Notice the reflections in your spoon. Notice the exact sound your feet make on your bedroom floor. Try to hear every nuance of a dripping faucet. Find a color that exactly represents the word “movement”. Unfocus your eyes and feel just how much air there is between you and the objects around you; all moving, pulsating, yet totally invisible to our eyes.

Or think of larger ideas, even if the answers are impossible. How many children are speaking their first word right now? How many paintings were created today? Why are we speaking English? How many electromagnetic signals are crisscrossing your body right now?

Our world has been accelerated to such an incomprehensible blur that these gestures may seem meaningless or even boring. But I’m convinced that attention is everything. By really paying attention to those aspects of your daily life that were once ignored, you’re training your brain to create finer distinctions, sharpening your senses and invigorating what is otherwise a monotonous series of events (otherwise, you would have remembered them vividly… right?).

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Beauty in Chaos: My New Portfolio

Transmitted on Dec 23 2007 to site news

After seven years, I’ve revamped my portfolio site (formerly Blue Fusion Media). The new site focuses more on my photography & film work, and serves as a rich complement to my work here at Evolation. Over time, you’ll see the two sites begin to cross-polinate and react to each other in much the way I had once envisioned when I started my first online venture, EnigmaZone, more than a decade ago.

Check out my newest imagery at Beauty in Chaos!

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