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The Return

Transmitted on Oct 15 2010 to site news

One of the unspoken rules of blogging is “don’t talk about how you’re not posting enough.”

Well, I’m about to break that one. I haven’t posted– in forever. And I’m sorry.


This is a critical time for Evolation. After working at Apple for the past year, I’m now “going pro” –where possible–as a writer and blogger. Among other things, I’ve launched Appculture, an up-and-coming blog exploring cutting-edge trends in software design and the “bigger issues” of personalized, mobilized, and contextualized data. I’m still writing The Anatomy of Awareness (which will arrive in more pieces soon). I’m still taking plenty of pictures. And I’ve thought about Evolation a great deal– what it should be, who it’s for, why it matters.

I realized that, honestly, I have too many ideas here for one site. Yet I’ve gotten so much positive feedback about Evolation, and in particular “Two Words to Overcome Sadness, Anger, Loneliness & Fear” — #1 on Google!– that I feel it’s obviously a shame to stop writing here.

So I thought I’d ask you.

What is it about Evolation that got you hooked? What subjects here interest you? What can I do to bring you more of the stuff you love?

I’m planning of launching a secondary blog about (specifically) consciousness, emotion, neuroscience, memory and brain-training. But by its nature, this would be more “factual” and less poetic than Evolation tends to be. Since this pretty nicely dovetails with some (but not all) of the content here, it makes some sense to simply transition Evolation in this direction. But what do you think, dear reader?


?I can’t promise I’ll get back to Evolation immediately, but know that it’s coming. And thank you, so so so much, for reading, commenting, donating, and responding. I’ll make it worthwhile.



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Hello, Esalen! + an update on my plans

Transmitted on Jul 09 2009 to consciousness & Source, site news

Whew! What a crazy few weeks it’s been!

After wrapping up work on my senior thesis and staggering through a whirlwind graduation, I packed up my things and bid farewell to a college (and home) I loved dearly for four jam-packed years. There wasn’t much time to be sentimental, though– within mere hours I was on a plane, flying to California to join the work-scholar program at Big Sur’s Esalen Institute. There, surrounded by one of the most beautiful landscapes on earth, I spent a blissful month thinking, writing, taking pictures and slicing onions. I loved every second of it, and learned so much about myself in the process that i’m still trying to unpack the entirety of the experience.

But all such experiences must come to an end eventually, and I’m thrilled to move ahead with my life after graduation. Aside from the obvious (finding a place to live, getting a job or several) I have some big new plans for Evolation and my future work. I also have some fantastic things to show you!

Unfortunately, my computer (a beloved Powerbook G4) bit the dust this evening with a loud and dramatic death rattle. While I get that sorted out and step up to a modern machine, I’ll be a bit more delayed than I’d like in posting here.

In the coming weeks I’m thrilled to begin posting excerpts from The Anatomy of Awareness, my “magnum opus” project that attempts to understand–and advance dramatic new thinking about– the nature of consciousness. As a dual memoir– part novel, part scientific paper– the work is engaging and poetic while remaining incredibly complete and thorough. Drawing on a wide range of ideas and concepts culled from years of my own research, the book (and it is a book, at nearly 200 pages) confronts the “hard problem” of consciousness head-on, emerging with radical new ideas on the nature of the mind. It is my tremendous pleasure to begin sharing this work with you! One section, read at an open mic at Esalen, was greeted with incredible enthusiasm– and I can’t thank all of you enough for that praise and positive energy. It felt so good to be validated on a public level with a work that is so intensely personal and meaningful to me. Thank you all!

I also have a huge backlog of amazing photos left to put online– they too will need to wait until I can work again with my images. I promise, it’ll be worth it.

In the meantime, I’ll be hard at work manifesting an incredible living situation for myself here in New York: if you know anyone in photography, design, tech or editorial in need of assistance, let them know that there’s a dedicated and quick-learning college grad in need of a job!

Till next time..

Welcome to the New Design!

Transmitted on Jun 16 2008 to site news

The number-one request I’ve heard from all of you is “MAKE IT WHITE!”– so that’s exactly what I did. I couldn’t resist adding a bunch of nifty Flash and transparency, though. The result is pretty sweet, no?

Thanks to the superb “Futurosity” theme, and with some nice modifications, I’ve formed what I think is the best design yet: more visual, more readable, and more engaging. Let me know what you think!

New features include:

  • A nifty tag browser (to your right, above the main menu)
  • Fully tagged posts (improving navigation without a lot of overhead)
  • Rich visuals accompanying every single post
  • A beautiful new homepage showcasing the most recent posts in a “magazine-style” view
  • A much-improved commenting system– so use it!

I’m still ironing out some small bugs, but the site should work pretty well starting tonight. As always, if there are any kinks, drop me a line!

Beauty in Chaos: My New Portfolio

Transmitted on Dec 23 2007 to site news

After seven years, I’ve revamped my portfolio site (formerly Blue Fusion Media). The new site focuses more on my photography & film work, and serves as a rich complement to my work here at Evolation. Over time, you’ll see the two sites begin to cross-polinate and react to each other in much the way I had once envisioned when I started my first online venture, EnigmaZone, more than a decade ago.

Check out my newest imagery at Beauty in Chaos!

New Design & Three-Month Roundup

Transmitted on Aug 24 2007 to site news

Take a look around. Notice anything? Welcome to the brand-spanking-new (and final) design for Evolation! Based off the awesome Hemingway Wordpress theme, I hope you enjoy the new look as much as I do.

It’s been a busy first three months, but in the end I think Evolation’s content speaks for itself.

Here are a few significant posts you may have missed:

  1. Letting the Universe Live Through You – Collected thoughts on “the big picture” and why we’re here
  2. How to Turbocharge Your Life in Ten Minutes or Less – An awesome technique for examining your life and finding areas to work on, inspiration to evolve, and ideas for the future.
  3. Two Words to Overcome Sadness, Anger, Loneliness and Fear – from the inside of any heavily-charged emotional state, it becomes difficult to gain perspective. Here is a simple yet powerful technique for getting to the root of--and ultimately conquering--your emotional states.
  4. What Is Your Story? – on our inherent inability to experience another’s reality, and how it affects even our most mundane interactions. One of my favorite posts.
  5. Become Culturally Conscious – If you haven’t watched this lecture, given by Wade Davis (the National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence and an award-winning author), you really must. One of the most inspiring things I’ve ever seen.

Share these with your friends, and please… feel free to comment!

Evolation is Expanding!

Transmitted on Jun 20 2007 to site news

Evolation Media is growing.

This blog will remain the focal point of the site, but as of today (yesterday, rather), I’ll also be hosting an additional blog under the Evolation moniker. This new development, music{at}evolation, seeks to review the best in contemporary (culturally-unknown) music– tying together my love of music with my other interests. In this way, visitors to Evolation can experience a wider range of culture and ideas. I’m not ruling out a third or even a fourth blog in the future– we’ll see what happens. For now, though, enjoy Music{at}Evolation and its clean, magazine-style look courtesy of the brilliant Gridlock theme!!

As a bonus, I’m working on a really intense CSS design for Evolation– it may take a very long time, but it’ll be worth it :) The new look, which I’ve dubbed Cicatriz, will hopefully be finished by the end of the summer.

Point of Departure.

Transmitted on May 12 2007 to site news

I’d like to start this blog, Evolation, with a few words about who I am and (more importantly) what this is.

Evolation is a way of being. It is a journey. It is a quest to find that which truly matters- - whether out in the expanses of Universe, the tendrils of the Web, or in the synaptic storm of Mind. We’re all in this together, and the moment we stop living fully is the moment we lose everything we have worked for.

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