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Evolation is Expanding!

Evolation Media is growing.

This blog will remain the focal point of the site, but as of today (yesterday, rather), I’ll also be hosting an additional blog under the Evolation moniker. This new development, music{at}evolation, seeks to review the best in contemporary (culturally-unknown) music– tying together my love of music with my other interests. In this way, visitors to Evolation can experience a wider range of culture and ideas. I’m not ruling out a third or even a fourth blog in the future– we’ll see what happens. For now, though, enjoy Music{at}Evolation and its clean, magazine-style look courtesy of the brilliant Gridlock theme!!

As a bonus, I’m working on a really intense CSS design for Evolation– it may take a very long time, but it’ll be worth it :) The new look, which I’ve dubbed Cicatriz, will hopefully be finished by the end of the summer.

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