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How to Turbocharge Your Life in Ten Minutes or Less

I’m going to reveal something that might radically change your life.

It may be simple, but it’s absurdly significant. Once I discovered it, I was forced -- literally forced! -- to re-examine everything I did. More to the point, it’s what distinguishes those who do from those who wish. It’s a momentum-booster and boredom cure all in one. And it’ll take less than ten minutes. You can use it a thousand times a day, if you like-- the more you do, the more effective it (and you) will become.

But first, answer one quick question:

Do you even want to move forward?

Are you sure?

For some, it’s easy to be caught up in the rush of “improving”. It makes sense that we can be kinder, wealthier, more beautiful. It makes sense that we can learn to think faster, sleep less, do more, and have better relationships. To some of us it makes sense that we can, in essence, become modern superheroes. Even if we’re not sure how, we know on some level that it should be possible. And if we find ourselves falling short of this ideal, we feel terrible. No matter how far we’ve come, we aren’t “enough”.

To others, though, this entire concept is absurd. Doubtful voices chime, “sure, try it if you want.” Excuses are made-- ‘that’s not for me, but go ahead…” No matter what happens as a result of one’s achievement, negative people will feel that it was somehow due to an undefinable quality of the person-- that luck, or their good looks, or their better family, or their genetics, or their superior education were the reason that they’ve changed themselves. The same voice that says “that’s not for me” reaffirms it-- “I could never do it“. And the negative tend to become “lazy thinkers”, doing only what is required of them because they are unable to think of what might be wished of them.

Face it. Most likely, you don’t really want to improve. You don’t really want to work at it-- if it came in the form of a magic pill or an “ancient Chinese secret”, you wouldn’t mind being someone new for a while, but the amount of energy required to do it sans snake-oil is more than you’re willing to give. And it’s easier this way -- you already know what is required of you, and can more or less fulfill those duties (obligations/minimums) without having to give in to any kind of existential crisis. (And that’s what inevitably happens, when one realizes they haven’t done enough with their life-- are you honestly prepared for that?) Ask yourself if staying this way satisfies you, or if it leaves you wanting more.

So I ask again, do you really want to move forward? Because I’m going to reveal the secret.

Are you ready?

Here it is.

In every moment, there is a chance-- usually a difficult one, mostly an obvious one and always, always a beautiful one -— to be a better human being.

I say difficult because you almost certainly will not enjoy it. It will call upon resources you aren’t sure you can give, provide you with little feedback as to how far you’ve come, cast into doubt everything you’ve done, and make you wonder-- sometimes frequently-- if you’ll ever get there.

I say obvious because you know exactly what you should be changing, 90% of the time (how often have you approached a situation with an idea of your behavior that didn’t match what you ended up doing?). Obvious because the very motivation behind doing it came from within you.

This isn’t about “lose 30 pounds in 30 days” or “become a millionaire by Saturday night”. These “betterments” aren’t even necessarily measurable (Before you take issue with that, keep reading…). This is about making some headway-- sometimes small, sometimes great. What matters is the momentum. What matters it that, even if you aren’t exactly sure who this “better” self is, you acknowledge that they’re in you. You acknowledge that someone better than who you are right now is trying to come out in every interaction you have with others. Someone better than who you are now is trying to solve your problems (or might not even be worrying about them). Someone better than who you are now is trying to enrich even this moment, right now. And you have a choice to live it from a place of higher development-- if you really want to.

I said earlier that this simple idea is what distinguishes those who do from those who think, and it’s true-- think of all the times when someone you know went almost all the way, but stopped right before they might have otherwise had a real breakthrough. As you’ve probably already seen, laziness often builds up most intensely right before a real transformation happens. But if one is constantly seeking to move forward-- even in the smallest possible way-- they will not and cannot stay satisfied with a lower level of consciousness than they know themselves to be capable of. Temporary laziness is OK-- maybe even incurable-- but if you make the commitment to constant improvement, it will only be temporary.

Your own consciousness should provide the boost, in terms of followthrough. You may need external reinforcement in the beginning, but once you decide once and for all to be your best self, you will know exactly where you are going wrong. It won’t be a question of motivation, because your life is your own motivation. Why not wake up every morning with a sense of awe at the sheer potential of the day ahead? What possible force on earth can drag you away from that feeling?To live a life this fearlessly takes effort-- a ton of effort. That effort might be better spent elsewhere-- it’s all up to you. But when you wake up tomorrow, or whenever you think of it, ask yourself these three simple question:

– “In this moment, am I the best person I can be?”

– “What’s the next level?”

– “How can I get there?”

Don’t hold yourself to an outside standard that is impossible to reach-- even the most enlightened human beings on this planet have flaws. Just ask yourself if you’re the best that you can be right now. Don’t take it too far; don’t scare yourself too badly, because that will only exacerbate the problem. Realize that you are either choosing to try, or choosing not to.

Trust me. You’ll know. You can worry about the level of commitment later.

There are no time-outs. There are no dead ends. There are no excuses.

Act accordingly.

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