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New Design & Three-Month Roundup

Take a look around. Notice anything? Welcome to the brand-spanking-new (and final) design for Evolation! Based off the awesome Hemingway Wordpress theme, I hope you enjoy the new look as much as I do.

It’s been a busy first three months, but in the end I think Evolation’s content speaks for itself.

Here are a few significant posts you may have missed:

  1. Letting the Universe Live Through You – Collected thoughts on “the big picture” and why we’re here
  2. How to Turbocharge Your Life in Ten Minutes or Less – An awesome technique for examining your life and finding areas to work on, inspiration to evolve, and ideas for the future.
  3. Two Words to Overcome Sadness, Anger, Loneliness and Fear – from the inside of any heavily-charged emotional state, it becomes difficult to gain perspective. Here is a simple yet powerful technique for getting to the root of--and ultimately conquering--your emotional states.
  4. What Is Your Story? – on our inherent inability to experience another’s reality, and how it affects even our most mundane interactions. One of my favorite posts.
  5. Become Culturally Conscious – If you haven’t watched this lecture, given by Wade Davis (the National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence and an award-winning author), you really must. One of the most inspiring things I’ve ever seen.

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