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Point of Departure.

I’d like to start this blog, Evolation, with a few words about who I am and (more importantly) what this is.

Evolation is a way of being. It is a journey. It is a quest to find that which truly matters- - whether out in the expanses of Universe, the tendrils of the Web, or in the synaptic storm of Mind. We’re all in this together, and the moment we stop living fully is the moment we lose everything we have worked for.

Most importantly, Evolation is here to help you— to help realize your place in this world, to help raise your level of consciousness, to help change this World for the better.

How do we find what our lives really mean? How do we hold on to moments of beauty in the face of the mundane, “waking world” that threatens to overwhelm us? How can we stop living day to day and start thinking of what we can give back to the world? How can we become truly fulfilled, even as we realize that we can never be complete? These are questions Evolation- - and the resulting conversation- - hopes to examine.

I am David-Michael (“D.M.”) Cook, a writer/photographer/composer from New York, currently attending Bennington College in Vermont; I also run an online portfolio of my work at Blue Fusion Media. I’ll be a guide, if you let me- - so please join me in welcoming Evolation to your bookmarks bars, your feeds, your consciousness. May we all live more fully.

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