What Is Your Story?

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One of the ideas I find truly fascinating is the sheer range of experience we each represent; the lives we have led and the wonders--some colossal, some microscopic--that we have seen. Just one person’s life story--replete with the spark of every synapse, the nuance of color, the texture of sound--is so vast, forming such a complete and compelling universe, that it is literally beyond our grasp. We can pass these details on only in tiny fragments, unable to express their interconnectedness or the whole from which they came.
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Photosynth : To See a World in a Grain of Sand…

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Another tech demo at TED (can you tell I’m addicted?). Normally I won’t be showcasing much in the way of technology for two simple reasons-- one, all of it is subject to change (at dizzying speeds) and I’m not a full-time tech reporter, and two -- for the most part none of it is truly “new” or innovative. Sure, there are smaller devices with larger capacities and the odd interface tweak here and there-- (Windows Vista, I’m looking at you) but only very rarely is there an idea that actually could change our experience.

This is such an idea.

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