$2 Million House “Staves Off Death”?

Transmitted on Nov 30 2008 to design & architecture

“If we change what surrounds you, we can change you”, says Madeline Gins, designer of this strikingly bizarre home. Bright, unusual colors, mountains in the living room, misaligned power outlets, and uneven surfaces make even mundane tasks into a challenge. The idea behind building such a monstrosity? Those constant challenges help keep your body and mind in a state of alertness, prepping them for stress and keeping you focused in the present. Nothing is simple; therefore, nothing becomes automatic.

A man who volunteered to stay in the house, known as Bioscleave, described the experience as a continual effort. “Constantly you’re getting this contrasting information. [...] You either collapse, or you have to figure it out a different way.”

The team of Gins and her assistant, the artist Arakawa, have spent four decades studying ways “architecture might best be used to sustain life,” according to their website. That’s all well and good, but does constant confusion really help boost the immune system as they claim?

Are Gins and Arakawa just nuts, or are they on to something? Let me know what you think in the comments.

(via Wired)

The Coolest Timelapse Animation Ever

Transmitted on Jun 14 2008 to media & communication

Breathing new life into the medium of timelapse photography, this film (about 7 minutes) is a “timelapse drawing” completed in Baden and Buenos Aires by an Italian artist who goes by the name “Blu”. In it, characters undergo bizarre transformations into and out of 3D space, manipulating objects in their environment to “construct” new bodies. A must-see.


(via The Long Now)

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