The Evolation Network

The Evolation Network (”Evolution” + “Revelation) is DM Cook’s network of sites dedicated to exploring cutting-edge developments in neuroscience, technology, online branding & strategy, and “full-force living”. The Network also offers a range of services including copywriting, technology training, and online promotion. The Evolation Network consists of:

- Evolation: This Moment Is All We Have (you are here)
writings on creativity, culture and neuroscience
- Appculture : Finding the Future of Mobile Interface Design
the definitive guide to emerging trends and “best practices” in mobile software and user interface design
- Beauty in Chaos
“chance alignments of time, texture and light”. the photo portfolio of DM Cook. New image postedweekly.
The Resume Remaster
more than a resume writing service, the Remaster is everything you need to put your career in high gear.
- dmaterialized: aggregates all of DM’s work/postings/ideas/snippets in one place

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