Who is DM Cook?

DM plunged into online media at its very origins in 1993, creating an online magazine in 1997 which has since morphed into Evolation (www.ThisMomentIsAllWeHave.com), a blog on consciousness, culture, life and art. Hypnotized by the art and energy of New York, DM began photographing in 2001 and has rarely stopped since.

A native of both coasts and a veteran traveler, DM’s wanderlust and love of information have shaped his studies at Bennington College into something of a Zeitgeist Grand Tour: moving from anthropology, music, and Chinese to psychology, alternative photography and the digital arts before attacking the most significant questions of our era: what does it mean to be conscious? What does information do to our minds? Who are we becoming? Who have we been? His current project, “The Anatomy of Awareness”, functions as a dual memoir: part autobiography, part documentary, it traces a struggle–both his own and one shared by contemporary science—to understand and identify the cause and mechanisms of human consciousness. Radical in its implications and stirring in its lyricism, this thesis (currently seeking publication) represents the height of DM’s work as a digital native.

Since 2002 DM has worked as a freelancer, providing at-home computer consultation, copywriting services, training and tech support for a range of clients in and around the New York area. He has worked for Apple Inc. as a Mac Genius as well as for HarperCollins, the Whitney Museum, the American Classical Orchestra, Demand Media Studios and more.

DM now divides his time between New York City, his adopted home of Bennington, VT, and his real home— the Web.

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